Wallet regulations GelreDome


 The Wallet is the designated payment method for consumptions in GelreDome.

 The following is a translation of the Dutch 'GelreDome Wallet Reglement'. In the event of any differences between the Dutch version of these regulations and the English translation, the Dutch text prevails.


  1. A Wallet can be obtained at a service desk and at a self service kiosk. In special cases, the Wallet can be sent by mail.
  2. Credit for a Wallet can be purchased at a service desk, a self service kiosk or online on the website wallet.gelredome.nl.
  3. Credit for a Wallet can also be purchased on wallet.gelredome.nl in the form of a voucher. At a later time, the credit that is linked to a voucher can be linked to a Wallet at a self service kiosk.
  4. Credit can be paid for by means of banknotes, a credit card or a voucher.
  5. The self service kiosks do not give back change. The entire monetary value of the entered bank notes or a voucher will be transferred as credit of a Wallet. Bank notes of EUR 200 en EUR 500 are not accepted. Bank notes of EUR 100 can be refused.
  6. GelreDome accepts the following debit and credit cards: Maestro, Visa, and Mastercard.
  7. A Wallet can be registered at wallet.gelredome.nl. A registered Wallet is personal and not anonymous. Registering a Wallet offers many advantages, including the possibility of online top up, online application of refunds, inspecting transactions, and blocking the Wallet in case of loss or theft.


  8. The maximum credit that can be linked to a Wallet is EUR 150.
  9. A Wallet containing credit can be saved for a next visit to GelreDome.
  10. The credit on the Wallet is valid for an unlimited time. If the Wallet itself is replaced, GelreDome will timely inform the cardholder, if known to GelreDome, stating the period within which the credit must be transferred to another payment method and the applicable conditions.
  11. The credit on the Wallet can be refunded to the cardholder. For this purpose, the cardholder can fill out an application form on wallet.gelredome.nl. If the cardholder is entitled to a refund, payment of the credit will be done by bank transfer. A partial refund of the credit is not possible.
  12. It is possible to allocate the entire credit of one or more Wallets to another Wallet. This can be done at the service desk.
  13. Use

  14. The Wallet can be used for expenditures at all events in GelreDome unless otherwise indicated.
  15. With each purchase with the Wallet the credit in the system of electronic accounts of GelreDome is brought down with the amount of the purchase.
  16. The use of the Wallet is entirely for the user’s own account and risk. GelreDome is not liable for any damage, loss or theft of the Wallet. Loss of a Wallet can lead to the loss of the credit on this Wallet. If a Wallet is damaged or defective, GelreDome will make every effort to allocate the credit on the defective Wallet to a new Wallet.
  17. In case of suspected fraud or abuse, GelreDome will have the right to refuse the Wallet as a payment method, to declare the Wallet invalid, and take back the Wallet.
  18. The cardholder can request a transaction statement of the Wallet on wallet.gelredome.nl.
  19. The cardholder can have the Wallet blocked on wallet.gelredome.nl or a service desk.
  20. The cardholder is the only one entitled to use the Wallet and will not share the Wallet, the card number, and the validation code with any third party or parties. 


  21. Any complaints about incorrect transactions or malfunction of the Wallet must immediately, and in any case before the end of the event in question, be reported on wallet.gelredome.nl or at a service desk.
  22. Personal data can be processed in order to execute a transaction or to make analyses. The processing of personal date by or on behalf of GelreDome is done in compliance with the privacy policy as published on www.gelredome.nl.
  23. GelreDome reserves the right to amend these regulations.
  24. GelreDome has published these regulations on www.gelredome.nl. Any amendments of these regulations will be published by GelreDome on its website as soon as possible.